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- We are a company thatfactoryand sells 100% Colombian clothing, without intermediaries, with a tradition that already exceeds 20 years in Colombia and we are established in Spain to distribute in the European and American continents.

We make all our garments with the highest standards of design and innovation to be at the forefront of trends, achieving the perfect balance between the highest quality and price due to our status as manufacturers.
Toda la ropa está elaborada con telas de máxima calidad; lycras, driles, índigos, viscosas, algodones y_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_intelligent fabrics that take advantage of the female figure.

Among our products we can highlight the "push up jeans" with a perfect shape that lifts the buttocks, as well as corsets, reducing bodies, dresses, skirts, blouses, post- surgical, reducing girdles and shaping girdles, among many other fashion categories.

- In theOnline storeand in physical stores, our Odissea brand covers 80% of all our stock and we offer the space to cover 20% of other collaborating brands.

You maysell your Own brand on our website, contact with us to inform us and deal with each necessary question.


You can also sell our brand Odisseain your online store or physical store, visit the wholesale page for more information and to see the catalogs of new productions that are not yet for sale.


- Ourmissionis to generate reliability, security and trust, seeking the total satisfaction of all our customers with unique women's garments, which offer comfort, flexibility and a good image, made with the best materials and 100% Colombian skilled labor .

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